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  • Anne Wilson

What a Bush Walk Yoga retreat can do for you

There are many reasons to go on a yogabout retreat that extend far beyond simply getting away and enjoying a bushwalk or two.

We asked people how they felt on arrival at the Yogabout Getaway held on 23 - 25 April 2021 which offered two 8km bushwalks and one mindful /meditative walk (forest bathing) in the Wombat State Forest. The weekend also offered yoga classes, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), sound therapy, the opportunity to participate in a fire ceremony ritual for health and healing, and to experience what it's really like to stay at an authentic Yoga Ashram for a weekend.

On arrival guests told us they felt:

stressed, tired, lethargic anxious, nervous, tired, unhappy, sad (grief), relieved to be at the retreat

At the end of the retreat, after learning more about yoga. practicing yoga daily, learning how to relax more deeply, listening to the relaxing tones of the piano and sound bowls, hiking/bushwalking on the Goldfields Track, walking and talking, sharing stories, playing a board game with new friends, eating nutritious food, and soaking up the peace and tranquil atmosphere of the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, we asked guests how they felt.

On departure guests told us they felt:

content, calm, centred, grounded, connected, equipped, relaxed, and refreshed, and their mind was more quiet.

At Yogabout we were delighted by this feedback as it showed very clearly that by spending some time in nature, breathing in fresh air, moving the body through yoga practices and bushwalking, listening to music, talking and sharing with others, eating wholesome nutritious food, and being mindful you will quite simply feel a whole better!

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